Change Notifications

Encourage the next wave of construction professionals by utilizing technology.

Assess Each Cost Impact Immediately

Use TracFlo Change Notifications to distribute design modifications, monitor subcontractor answers, and compare predicted cost impacts to actuals in order to stay on top of pricing operations.

Distribute Design Modifications and Monitor Reactions

Do your Subcontractors need to estimate the cost of a new issue or codicil? Give your subcontractors a Change Notification with the files associated, give them a timeframe, and make sure they’ve all replied.

Enforce Price Cutoff Dates

By displaying which Subs received changes and who read the documents, TracFlo makes it simple to communicate and enforce pricing constraints. Simple one-click email notifications can be sent to every Sub who hasn’t answered.

Estimate Cost Effects and Evaluate Them Against The Statistics

To evaluate true costs as they’re reported in real-time, provide an approximation for each subcontractor. Recognize adjustments that are costing more than expected right away and let your client know.

Tracflo Offers More Options To Simplify Change Notifications

  • View all of your Change Notifications in one place, sorted by status
  • Real-time tracking and forecasting of expected and actual expenditures
  • Check to see if any contractors received the contents and viewed the email.
  • Choose whether to alter all subcontractors or just those that would be impacted.
  • See to it that subcontractors use the proper identifier (PCO, PCI, CE, etc.)
  • Subcontractors can react by uploading and establishing a COR, or they can reply with a single click that reads “No Cost Impact.”

Why Are Modification Orders Necessary In Construction Contracts And What Do They Entail?

A written contract amendment is known as a change order in the construction industry. It is a modification to the first contract, which was developed previously and already published. In very many cases, a building project necessitates some alterations, such as the inclusion, elimination, or change of activities. Local regulations governing construction works may also change.

Operators, contractors, builders, planners, etc. may make these modifications at a later time after the building contract has been signed. Through documented change orders, these modifications are included in building contracts. For any kind of construction or building project, a construction deal includes designs, parameters, a bill of materials, and explanations. A change order is used to notify the contractor of any modifications to these.

Change Notifications Feature Is an Absolute Necessity

Once a change order has been signed, it automatically becomes a piece of your contract. It is crucial that you notify the owner of any changes you make in writing so that they are included in your contract. The majority of builders will utilize an Excel spreadsheet to create change orders if they don’t already have project management software installed. The main component of these orders is the scope of work specified in the construction contract because some items that need to be altered might not be included in the design, specification, or contractor.

In order to simplify and fast-track the process, TracFlo is the solution!

Proactively Cut Back on Rework

Providing crews with a fast response to the latest happenings and open avenues of contact with all project participants will allow them to produce their finest work on the very first shot, each time.

  • Utilize current, reliable information
  • Gain immediate knowledge of site modifications
  • Real-time collaboration between office and site
  • Continually raise project quality standards

Get More Financial Visibility

Utilizing a change notification feature helps you to monitor cash flow in real-time as you are notified about even the smallest changes occurring in the contract process. This ultimately helps you to make the correct decision and increase the cash flow in the long run. Information should be centralized and made visible to the site and finance teams.

  • View site implications and further work immediately
  • Improve variation management quickly
  • Course accurate with current information
  • Using previous data, create more accurate estimates

Increasing Labor Productivity

Your most dangerous line item is labor. Additionally, it is the most erratic. Real-time budgetary insights regarding the impact of labor can help you avoid overruns.

  • Gain immediate knowledge of productivity
  • Observe the budget and timetable.
  • maximize resources and enhance results
  • Manage the risk of budget overruns actively.

Linking The Site and The Office

Maintain your construction site teams concentrated on their work and give the office employees the resources they require to be effective, knowledgeable, and capable of improving the efficiency of your construction site teams.

  • Make daily reporting easier
  • Real-time coordination and cooperation
  • Utilize accurate information to lessen rework
  • Utilize a digital paper trail to eliminate hearsay.

Simple to Use

TracFlo Change Notification feature is created from the bottom up to be user-friendly because the program is only as good as its effectiveness. You can rely on limitless support for countless clients when unforeseen occur.


Access current designs and documents instantly whether you are at the office or on the worksite. By doing things properly the first time, you’ll be able to make judgments that will keep your initiatives moving forward.

Wherever You Go

There will be no more unauthorized changes, printed papers and mailing costs, or envelopes. Your files are in your palm instantaneously and shareable anywhere you go!