Change Order Request Template

Get Your Changes Approved in a Flash!

Using Change Order Request Templates you can easily reduce the approval time. Get your form right at hand any time you need it! Neat-looking, professional, and error-free Change Order Request that only requires a few moments to arrange and distribute with your clients to protect revenue and avoid delays.

What is a COR?

Change is inevitable in projects. There could be delays due to inclement weather, stakeholders with shifting expectations, or supply chain problems that put a burden on your budget and timeline. An alteration is almost certain to occur; therefore, how do you handle it and retain your project on track?

A change order is a document that is used to submit modifications to an existing agreement. Online Change Order Forms, which are mainly utilized by construction firms, make it simpler to upgrade the terms of service, expenditure quantity, and completion time of a task. Easily select and personalize using your favorite TracFlo COR template, submit it, and be instantly notified once contract modifications are required. You can then obtain all submissions from any gadget and much more easily draw up contract extensions!

The solution is to use a change request form. Catching the change, identifying it, and then approving or rejecting it helps to keep the project plan in check. Use our change order form template to keep your project on track!

Done in Minutes!

Isn’t it amazing to get hours of work done in just a few minutes? Comprehensive Change Order Requests can be created in minutes using pre-populated laborer, resource, and machinery rates, as well as preset markup rates by construction process or across your entire company.

Avoid Duplicate Entries!

With the click of a button, you can immediately convert a Time & Material Tag into a COR. Remove the need to scan a document Tag, manually process writing down the amounts, PDFing the COR, write an email and upgrade your COR log. Digitalization can help you avoid multiple entries of the same data giving you error-free results every time.

Consistency is the Key!

One of the simplest ways for GCs to save hours assessing, evaluating, and finally accepting Change Order Requests is to use a neat, consistent format. Subcontractors who use Change Order Templates gain customer loyalty and see significant improvements in acceptance periods.

Import Your Data Easily!

Insert your prices into business clusters or effectively manage them on a specific project. To maintain accuracy, instantly generate T&M Tags and Change Order Requests by choosing prices from a drop-down menu. The process makes your work a whole lot easier with just a tap!

Why Is Professional And Neat Paperwork So Important?

Every action a Subcontractor takes reflects the caliber of his or her firm’s work. This is particularly true for crucial Change Order Request paperwork. This is why:

Efficiency – Messy and disorganized paperwork can create undue disruptions and waste time expended by a Subcontractor’s own group.

Safeguarding Revenue – Change Order expenses have a direct effect on a subcontractor’s potential income in a construction process. If they make mistakes on paperwork or submit forms at a delay, it can lead to acceptance delays, lower authorization values, or even having a COR immediately rejected. They will lose a lot of money if they end up spending it on labor and supplies and the Change Order Request Form does not accurately explain and encompass those costs.

Level Of satisfaction – The construction industry relies on relationships. Subcontractors’ pinnacle is regular customers. However, obstacles and tediousness of the COR procedure are the leading cause of ruptured business relations, legal proceedings, and, in several cases, the failure of Subcontractors.

Improve Your Workflow with TracFlo!

  • Predefined labor, resource, and machinery rates in advance for automatic retrieving.
  • Create your own markup, tax, insurance, and other premiums.
  • Easily apply and edit specific projects through preset rates
  • Drag and drop to instantly connect backup paperwork and organize it accurately
  • Send a single PDF to avoid losing documents.
  • Never let an email bounce attributable to file size restrictions.
  • Resubmission of Change Order Requests can be made with the click of a button.
  • Submission of revisions and easy access to all COR variants.
  • TracFlo T&M Tags can be converted to CORs with a simple tap
  • Increase uniformity among all of your working groups.
  • Monitor the viewers of COR e-mail along with the frequency of the activity

What Is Contained In The Comprehensive Change Order Request Form?

Description of Prospect of the Project – A written description of the modifications to the prospect of work is outlined in the Change Order Request. It is critical to be informative and comprehensive.

Cost implications breakdown – A detailed list of all adjustments and their monetary impact. Often these contracts need these expenses to be broken down by laborer, resource, machinery, and any “Other” classifications, with volumes and unit prices, prominently illustrated.

Mark-ups – A detailed breakdown of the proposal’s strong association overhead and revenue, tax, insurance, bond formation, and so forth.

Timetable Influences – If the shift in scope will have an impact on the project timetable, it must be explicitly written.

Project Details – The following basic details must be included:

  • Client’s Name
  • Client’s Job Number
  • Client’s Reference Number
  • Name of the Project
  • Client’s Name

Terms and Conditions – Any benchmark terms of payment or other statutory provisions that your business would like to incorporate.

The COR not only protects the contractor by ensuring that they are reimbursed for additional workhour, but it also ensures that the client understands exactly what they’re spending for. When all these paper works are ambiguous, imprecise, or simply clumsy, ongoing problems and loss of trust can rapidly develop.

At TracFlo we focus on the needs of the subcontractor COR sent from a sub to a general contractor.

Do You Still Have Concerns? Don’t Worry! We Have Answers!

What are the benefits of using a Change Order Request Template?

TracFlo COR templates not only save endless hours of managerial time but also framework your COR information for effective reporting.

Can I tailor my COR rates to each project?

Yes, of course! With TracFlo you can seamlessly import data from Excel Sheets and default rate groups which can be implemented in any project. You can insert or modify a specially made contract price straight on the construction projects agreement if you have one.

Can I generate CORs in a lump sum?

Yes, you can generate a COR with a detailed rundown of labor, resource, and machinery with the help of TracFlo. Create a lump sum COR with a separate set price, or post a COR PDF formed even outside TracFlo.

Can I change the markup rates?

Yes, you can definitely change the prices straightforwardly when creating a COR or personalize them throughout the venture. You can either have a separate markup or individual piece items like equipment.