Collaborative Change Order Request Log

Connect and collaborate with your construction team through our collaborative COR log

TracFlo keeps your Change Order communication on track with real-time tracking and reviews for all Subcontractors, General Contractors, and Owners

Ensuring that all stakeholders are consistently informed and up-to-date

Say goodbye to cumbersome PDF COR logs

TracFlo makes sharing and collaborating on COR logs a breeze! Simply upload or create CORs in TracFlo to generate a shareable log. No more requesting updates from General Contractors – just send them a link to stay in the loop. Both parties have access to the same information in real time, so everyone’s always on the same page.

Create order in the mess

Get on the same wavelength with TracFlo! For once, subcontractors and general contractors can both check out the smooth and simple dashboard to see what’s been given the green light to move forward, what COs have been approved, what’s under review, and what’s been null and void.

All your important documents at your fingertips!

Sick of the back and forth about change orders? TracFlo has got you covered! Just upload your change orders and we’ll keep a tidy, cloud-based log of all the important documents. Both contractors and customers can easily access the same information, so you’ll never have to ask (or be asked) for updates again. TracFlo, bringing harmony to change order communications!

Examine CORs without downloading any additional materials

TracFlo offers a seamless COR review process from start to finish. No need to worry about downloading anything – simply use our time-saving, built-in markup editor to easily annotate and comment on change order request PDFs sent between companies.

Tame the chaos of change orders
with TracFlo

Get your subcontractors, general contractors, and sub-tier vendors on board with TracFlo:

Invite your subcontractors, general contractors, and sub-tier vendors to join TracFlo, a platform that helps you manage change orders in a streamlined and efficient way. TracFlo makes it easy for everyone involved in a project to collaborate and communicate, ensuring that changes are handled smoothly and effectively.

Leave specific feedback on each change order request:

When using a change order request (COR) tool in the construction industry, it’s important to be able to leave specific feedback on each change order request. This helps ensure that everyone involved in the project has a clear understanding of the proposed changes and can provide input and suggestions. With the ability to leave detailed feedback, team members can collaborate more effectively and make informed decisions about how to move forward with the project.

Sort through your log using the approved CO issued, approved to proceed, in review, or void filters:

Filtering your change order request (COR) log using categories like “approved CO issued,” “approved to proceed,” “in review,” and “void” can be a useful way to quickly and easily sort through and manage your CORs. For example, if you only want to see CORs that have been approved to proceed, you can use the “approved to proceed” filter to filter out any other status. This can be especially helpful when you have a large number of CORs to review and want to focus on specific ones. By using filters, you can more efficiently manage your CORs and stay organized as you work on your project.

Keep track of estimated and T&M change orders in the same place, or sort between the two:

Estimated change orders are those that have a fixed price, while T&M change orders are those that are based on the actual time and materials used. By being able to view and manage both types of change orders in the same place, you can get a complete picture of all the changes that have been requested for your project and make informed decisions about how to proceed. Alternatively, if you need to focus on just one type of change order, you can use the ability to sort between the two to filter out any that don’t apply

Aspects like ROM, pricing, in progress, possible CO, and more can be used to organize your CORs:

Keep your CORs in order by organizing them by steps like ROM (rough order of magnitude), pricing, in progress, and potential CO. That way, you’ll always know which ones are ready for review, which ones are being worked on, and which ones are still in the planning stages. It’s a great way to stay on top of things and make sure nothing falls through the cracks!

Stay on top of all updates and changes made to an individual COR with a handy activity feed:

Keep tabs on all the updates and changes made to your CORs with the help of a handy activity feed. It’s like a little news ticker for your CORs – you’ll never miss a beat and you’ll always know what’s going on.

Export the log to PDF, Excel, or CSV formats in a snap:

Need to share your change order request (COR) log with someone else? No problem! Just use the handy export feature to quickly save your log as a PDF, Excel, or CSV file. It’s super easy and you’ll be able to share your COR data in no time. Now you can impress your coworkers and clients with your super organized COR log!

Quickly sort through your log using filters like contractor, customer, project, status, and reference number:

Got a ton of change order requests (CORs) to sift through? No sweat! Just use the handy filters to quickly sort through your log by contractor, customer, project, status, and reference number. It’s like magic – all your CORs will be perfectly organized in no time! Now you can find what you’re looking for faster and get back to the important stuff.

Bring consistency to all your project teams with TracFlo:

TracFlo is like the superhero of change order management – it helps bring consistency to all your project teams. No more confusion or chaos – just clear communication and smooth sailing. TracFlo has got your back and your project teams will thank you for it.

Changes are a natural part of any project, but it’s important to keep things on track and within budget. That’s where change orders come in – they help everyone involved identify, define, and track changes in a way that works for everyone. When you’re in the construction industry, change orders and a change order log are essential tools for managing projects. They help keep contracts between the project owner and contractors organized and on track.