How to Simplify Change Order Management for Your Construction Team

Construction projects vary in size, materials, and project length—and they can change along the way too. Even the best planning in the world won’t change the fact that sometimes clients want a change during the process.

When this happens, it is important to issue a change order to maintain transparent communication and ensure compliance with your documentation. For many companies, managing change orders is a complicated and even frustrating process. Fortunately, the power of technology can be used to simplify managing your change orders.

Let’s discuss how you can stop the change order crisis and work smarter using real time change order cost tracking and other project management tools in one simple interface.

What is a Change Order?

A change order is a modification to an existing construction process that will alter the original agreement. In most cases, a change order will influence the scope of the project, creating changes to the project plan that need to be documented and approved. The change order itself will be a documented agreement of change that addresses the details involved with the original project plan, as well as the new changes and any impacts.

How Do Change Orders Impact Projects?

With change orders, it is common to see changes in scope, scheduling, and cost. The cost changes are determined based on the additional work and any additional materials, as well as shipping and transportation costs. Since these factors influence the agreement with the client, it is important to ensure that everything is carefully documented and approved in a shared space.

Managing Change Orders Using TracFlo

For years, project managers have manually handled change orders using paperwork and complicated tools. This can be a tiresome, difficult process that leaves a lot of room for error—errors that can come back to haunt you later and expose you to additional liabilities. TracFlo was created to help construction teams manage change orders with ease.

TracFlo is a dedicated mobile app created around financial technology that is designed to be used whether you are in the field or the office. Built with voice-to-text support, photo and video uploads, and offering a seamless experience for both Apple and Android devices, it is the ultimate hub for construction teams.

With TracFlo, project managers and union contractors gain a powerful resource that makes sure that every box is checked when it comes to appropriately managing a change order request. Offering custom workflows that support your team’s projects at every turn, modifications for change orders are easy to fit into the existing workflow to dynamically demonstrate the project changes in real-time.

Using its centralized dashboard, construction teams can easily sort and filter any information pertaining to a project, so all relevant information is available at a glance. To make communication easy, TracFlo also offers digital tools to keep stakeholders informed of any project changes and gives them the power to offer input, view the status of a project, and even offer digital approval from anywhere in the world.

Manage Your Change Orders with TracFlo Today!

Construction teams can simplify change orders, make sure everything is managed, and open professional communication channels with stakeholders using TracFlo. To learn more about the benefits that our app offers, sign up for a demo or download the app in the App Store or Google Play Store today. Compliance and transparent communication has never been this easy!